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based docto▓r would measure a patient's blood pressure. In addition, there is a sensor used to measure respirat▓ion. It is wrapped in a black bag, and we hang it from our necks to measure our chest breathing and belly breathing.There is als

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o another, fairly-▓curious, instrument, which I am sure many of you may not have heard of. It is called a laser Doppler device. This device measures th▓e microcirculation of our blood vessels. As far as I know,▓ this is the first time that C

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e "CDS experiment," whic▓

hina has tested it in space.The biggest difference between a CDS experiment in space and one on the ground is ultrasound. Under zero gravity our organs are slightly displaced. As a result, organs that are usually easy to find▓ on Earth are much more difficult to locate when in space. We have to be aware of this and move the wires accordingly.The

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data we are generating and reviewing are primarily used to monitor the difference between our body indexes up here and on Earth: we are trying to find out whi▓ch ones change and do not. This precious data will▓ be analyzed further by ground staff and wi▓ll give a clearer picture of the

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subtle change▓s that occur in a gravity-free environ▓ment. ` I would like to share an interesting discovery: Normally, on Earth, we only have one artery in (either side of) our nec▓ks. But there are two in space. Earlier in the mission I misi

ld have a rather complete, round, bright view of Earth, with the exp▓ansive, darkness of space in the background. In fact

ate and blood pressure. The device that measures our blood pressure i▓s put onto our arms just like how a ground-
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